Why we launched RankedRight Essential

Back in March, when RankedRight was first introduced to the world, we had a clear goal: to help every organisation gain greater control over their vulnerability management. The last nine months (March to December) have been incredibly exciting and fast-paced and we’ve welcomed businesses onto the platform that are all keen to reduce their admin and become more efficient.


Looking ahead to the next 12 months, we expect to become even busier as the number of vulnerabilities facing businesses, and as a consequence the need to prioritise them, both continue to grow. As a recent RankedRight study showed, prioritisation is now an important part of the vulnerability management programs for almost every single business (96%), no matter how small. 


Despite prioritisation being so vital, many vulnerability management solutions out there come at a price that’s too high for small or medium-sized enterprises so, from day one, we’ve positioned ourselves as the affordable option on the market. We want to help organisations that are losing precious remediation time to manual triage by taking that burden off their plate.


As of this week, thanks to further investment and a steadfast commitment to help EVERY organisation gain greater control over their vulnerability management, we are making RankedRight even more affordable, with a free version of our platform.


Called RankedRight Essential, the platform, as the name suggests, comprises all of the essential elements of effective vulnerability prioritisation. This means, at no charge, customers get:

  • Access to our fully automated triage platform which prioritises their data from every scan and assigns it to the most appropriate person or tool to resolve
  • Full control over how prioritisation rules are set
  • Access to the most up-to-date and extensive vulnerability intelligence
  • The ability to delegate vulnerabilities for others to action


The biggest aid in effective remediation – prioritisation – has also become the biggest hurdle for those that have to do it manually. With the launch of RankedRight Essential, manual triage can become a thing of the past and all businesses can have a fighting chance against cybercriminals by dedicating more time to effective remediation.


Sign up today and get started on a whole new way of working.