Automated... Risk-based... Stress Free... RankedRight Vulnerability Prioritisation

Are you looking to reduce your risk, save time and take the stress out of vulnerability management?

The Problem

“53% of companies spend more time navigating manual processes than actually responding to vulnerabilities.”

– Ponemon Institute

The Solution

RankedRight automates your vulnerability triage based on rules you set

It isn’t always possible to fix every issue and manual triage can take a long time.


So why not automate the process with a rule based approach?


RankedRight is the platform that allows you to do just that.

Customer Testimonial

Global Head of Information Security
@ Genus plc

“RankedRight pulls everything together for me in one place and allows me to delegate patching responsibilities to the appropriate teams. This is going to be incredibly time and cost saving, allowing me and my team more time for dealing with other Security activities and accelerating our patching processes.”

How it Works

Your risk, your rules

When it comes to business risk you can’t rely on secret algorithms. We enrich your scan data with vulnerability intelligence and give you control of how to prioritise your risk.


Import your scan data into the RankedRight platform


Your data is then enriched with vulnerability intelligence


You set the automated triage rules based on your business insight


Prioritized remediation tasks are then assigned to the teams responsible

Example Use Case

Specific rules for each role

Our PCI manager, Sys admin and SOC analyst have different priorities.


Using RankedRight we’ve created different triage rules for each, leaving them to focus on their area of business.

With RankedRight

Save time and reduce risk

Before RankedRight

With RankedRight

Are you ready to automate your vulnerability management process?

The RankedRight Platform

One consolidated view of your vulnerabilities

Import scan data from multiple sources into the platform for a consolidated view of your vulnerabilities. Here are just some of the scanners we support.

100+ sources of data to give you more than just CVSS

When it comes to managing your risk, making informed decisions is crucial. 


With RankedRight, your data is enriched, so you’ll have all the information as to which vulnerabilities pose the largest risk to your business.

Your data enriched

Custom prioritisation for your business

Now that you have a clear view of your vulnerabilities, you can create rules to automate the triage process.


Filter and sort your vulnerabilities based on the datapoints that matter to you to reduce the noise and ensure your business risk is covered.

Actionable tasks assigned to the right people

Our on-board task management means that your prioritised remediation tasks can be assigned within the platform to the relevant teams.

Everything you need to manage your risk

With a full audit trail of all your vulnerabilities, you can track KPIs and SLAs and drive efficiencies in your programme. 

Improve your vulnerability management process today