Automated vulnerability management
defined by you

Rank vulnerabilities within your infrastructure to release patches sooner

Take control of your data

Use your own custom rules and RankedRight’s live intelligence data to prioritise your vulnerabilities

Is it exploitable?
Is it actively exploited?
Is the asset critical?

Did you know... 53% of companies spend more time navigating manual processes than actually responding to vulnerabilities

Easy to use

Sign up, log in and prioritise your data in just a couple of clicks

Risk Focused

Align your remediation efforts with your critical business risks

Time Efficient

Deliver an 80% reduction in time vs. manual prioritisation

Full client support

We’re always on hand to help you get the best results

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Multi-data sources demonstration

Consolidate data from multiple sources

Our platform can prioritise vulnerabilities from all your existing tools

Many companies use multiple scanning tools so we’ve built RankedRight to support vulnerability prioritisation from multiple sources and scanners.

Create your own automation rules

Vulnerabilities are prioritised with custom rules using live intelligence data

Filter and sort your vulnerabilities based on the data points that matter to you to reduce the noise and ensure your business risk is covered.

Is it exploitable?
Is it actively exploited?
Is the asset critical?
Demonstration of custom rules.
Demonstration of managing users and team members

Delegate tasks across your team

Our on-board task assignment allows you to manage everything in one place

Assign your prioritised list of tasks to the right people within your team and start remediation sooner.

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