About us

Empowering your vulnerability management efforts

RankedRight was founded in 2020 to help solve the growing problem of vulnerability prioritisation.

Creating Rules & Users

Our mission is to help organisations to gain greater control over their vulnerability management programs

Prioritisation - a crucial part of any vulnerability management program - can now take some organisations several days a week to complete, delaying the vital work of remediating the most critical vulnerabilities.

RankedRight automatically ranks vulnerabilities based on rules created by the user and seamlessly delegates them to the relevant teams to resolve. This means teams spend less time on admin and more time on keeping their companies safe.

Automated vulnerability prioritisation
Our Team

The minds behind RankedRight

Thomas MacKenzieProfile Photo

Thomas MacKenzie

Thomas has over 10 years in cyber security, building and running large successful teams of ethical hackers and vulnerability management consultants.

Peter YeoProfile Photo

Peter Yeo

With over a decade of experience in technology, Peter is a skilled business operations and SaaS technology sales leader.

David BrandonProfile Photo
CTO Advisor
CTO Advisor

David Brandon

David has more than a decade of experience advising start-ups in the tech space and is at the forefront of technical innovation in the SaaS field.

Kirsty BushrodProfile Photo
Investor Director
Investor Director

Kirsty Bushrod

Kirsty is a Chartered Accountant & Corporate Strategy Specialist with 15 years’ experience across in house and consulting roles.

Nick PercocoProfile Photo
Board Advisor
Board Advisor

Nick Percoco

With nearly 20 years of information security expertise, Nick Percoco is adept at developing security programs in this ever-evolving connected threat landscape.

Andy BokorProfile Photo
Board Advisor
Board Advisor

Andy Bokor

Andy Bokor has been in the technology field for over 30 years. He co-founded three companies, which were all later sold for multimillion dollar amounts.

Hannah BriceProfile Photo
Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager

Hannah Brice

Hannah has nearly 17 years of marketing and PR experience, working both in agency and in-house for everything from startups to FTSE 100 companies.

Our partners

We’re continuously striving to help businesses enhance their vulnerability management efforts.

We’re proud to have partnered with many companies who are driving remarkable change in their field. Together, we'll  help you reduce risk and stay secure.