January 21, 2022
May 30, 2022
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How RankedRight can help you cut the costs of your cybersecurity program

Thanks to the labour, intelligence and tools required, running a cybersecurity program can be costly. Fortunately, RankedRight can help.

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Running a cybersecurity program can be very costly thanks to the labour, intelligence and tools required. Thankfully, there is one change you can make to your program that will drastically reduce expenses without damaging effectiveness. In fact, it could even enhance operations. Here’s how using RankedRight can help you cut the costs of your cybersecurity program.


What is RankedRight?

If you’re not familiar with RankedRight – we’re a powerful prioritisation platform that automatically ranks vulnerabilities based on the rules set by its user, factoring in what is critical to the business, and delegating it to the most appropriate person to resolve. This means teams spend less time on vulnerability administration and more time on keeping their companies safe.  

Why would using RankedRight help me cut cybersecurity costs?

Labour cost savings

If you’re already using vulnerability prioritisation technology, then the short answer is RankedRight is priced per asset making it one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

If you don’t use vulnerability prioritisation technology, then you’re using manual triage to sort through the hundreds or thousands of vulnerabilities being identified within your network every week. Sorting through all of that takes a lot of time. And time is a cost.

Per 250 assets, a business can spend as many as seven hours every week sorting through vulnerabilities. This equates to ÂŁ13,500 a year in labour costs that you could eliminate by using our free tool.

Risk management  

The more time spent on manual triage, the later the remediation of the most critical vulnerabilities can start. While we can’t put an exact cost to this, it’s clear that any delay to tackling critical vulnerabilities could increase the risk of a serious breach, the cost of which could be in the millions.

With RankedRight, remediation teams can get straight to work on the most critical vulnerabilities and every time a new scan is completed, new vulnerabilities will be slotted into the priority list as per the pre-set rules, ensuring nothing important is missed and disruption is minimal.  


Built-in vulnerability intelligence

If you’re doing vulnerability prioritisation manually, then it’s likely you use a number of channels to assist you in your prioritisation decision making. (Or maybe you just rely on CVSS? If so, please read our post on why this is NOT a good idea!)

That vulnerability intelligence will be a line in your budget that could be removed by using RankedRight. This is because we have partnered with companies such as vFeed Inc to ensure that our system is powered by the most up-to-date and advanced vulnerability intelligence required to inform your prioritisation decision making.

If you don’t use any intelligence tools or subscribe to any news feeds or alerts, you could be making the wrong prioritisation decisions meaning that your remediation team is not working through vulnerabilities in the best order. Again we can’t put a cost to this, but the result of a breach could amount to millions.  

As the number of vulnerabilities increases and cybercriminals become smarter, it’s inevitable that some areas of your vulnerability management program will require extra investment. Sign up to RankedRight today and take control of some costs while you can.

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