November 9, 2021
May 30, 2022

How RankedRight can help you to stay ahead of your clients’ complex IT needs

The increasingly complex technology landscape is making it harder for MSPs to meet their clients' expectations. RankedRight can help.

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The increasingly complex technology landscape is making it harder for MSPs to meet their clients’ expectations. But with the global managed IT services market expected to reach $354.8 billion by 2026, up from $242.9 billion in 2021, there is a huge opportunity for those that can stay ahead of their clients’ complex IT needs. Here’s how RankedRight can help.

Reason 1: RankedRight helps you deliver a more effective vulnerability management service.

We’ve written before about how MSPs can stay ahead with closer client contact, diversification and outsourcing but we believe automation can have the biggest impact.

RankedRight automates the time-consuming process of vulnerability prioritisation and delegation – an activity which, if done manually, can take a company hours every week to complete. Without a prioritised task list, the vital work of remediating vulnerabilities in order of criticality cannot start. Therefore, delays are potentially incredibly damaging for a company’s security position.

Because RankedRight removes the manual triage step, your team can get to remediation more quickly, thereby patching more of the critical vulnerabilities and making your clients’ better protected.

Reason 2: RankedRight drives time efficiencies

Not only does RankedRight help you run a more effective vulnerability management programme, but you also make yourselves more efficient. This is because, with RankedRight in place,  the team has more time to work on other areas of your business. This could be marketing for new business, client relations, training or value add.  

Reason 3: RankedRight is automation that showcases your expertise

RankedRight isn’t like other vulnerability prioritisation platforms because it doesn’t use secret algorithms; it follows rules that you set. These rules dictate how vulnerabilities should be prioritised and who they should be delegated to for completion. Once you’ve set them, we’ll prioritise the vulnerabilities from every new scan but you’ll stay in control. For an MSP, this is important because you can provide clients with a key service that depends upon your advanced knowledge and expertise. It will help with reporting too.

Reason 4: RankedRight is highly affordable

A final reason why RankedRight can help MSPs stay ahead of their clients’ complex needs relates to price. We built the platform to help all businesses take greater control over their own vulnerability management which means we’ve set a price that even small businesses can afford. By signing up to RankedRight, you won’t incur a significant increase in running costs which you’ll then need to pass onto clients or pay for by reducing training or the delivery of other services. In fact, RankedRight has been proven to save companies money thanks to the time efficiencies it achieves.

We want to help MSPs ensure their clients are better equipped to fight cybercrime and we believe RankedRight is the way to do it.

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