October 26, 2021
June 1, 2022

How RankedRight can help you with your personal development

RankedRight isn't just a vulnerability prioritisation platform; it's also a tool for personal development. Here's how we help.

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Assessing and managing a cybersecurity professional’s performance is notoriously difficult but if you’re putting in the hours and hard work, don’t you deserve some recognition? We say yes which is why we’ve made sure RankedRight has the features to support effective performance management and personal development.

We’ve written before about how you can measure personnel performance in vulnerability management but the problem is, many of the methods require time to set up and time is a very limited resource in cybersecurity.

Fortunately, we’re very proud to present a quicker option.


Why does RankedRight help with performance management?

You may think it’s odd for the creators of a prioritisation tool to care about rewards and recognition but we believe they’re closely linked. We founded RankedRight because we had real concerns about the cybersecurity industry. We had concerns about the growing number of attacks, the skills shortage, and the pressures on those in the industry. All of these mean we’re losing an important battle and it’s only going to get harder. We had to step forward to help.

It’s one thing to create a tool to support the vulnerability management process but for it to stick, we had to address a bigger problem – employee working conditions. Cybersecurity professionals currently do not have enough time to get their work done and this is leading to dips in morale and wellbeing, causing burnout and will only increase the skills gap.

With RankedRight, we’ve developed a platform that gives you valuable time back to do your job. And by “your job”, we don’t mean the painful admin of manual triage of vulnerabilities. You were recruited to tackle the many weaknesses facing your company’s network and with RankedRight on hand, you are free to do this. RankedRight automates the vulnerability prioritisation process based on the rules set by its user, factoring in what is critical to the business, and delegating it to the most appropriate person to resolve. This means teams spend less time on vulnerability administration and more time on keeping their companies safe.

How does RankedRight help with performance management?

Performance management in cybersecurity is difficult because it is hard to measure effort and success.

No sign of a breach for a long period of time doesn’t necessarily mean you and your team should all be given outstanding ratings and payrises; it could be a case of luck or that you have been breached but haven’t noticed yet. Conversely, if a business has thousands of vulnerabilities in its systems, a cyber attack may be inevitable even with your team working all hours. Put simply, the number of attacks your company has may not bear any relation to the amount of effort or good work you have put in to protect it.  

Therefore, you have to look at other measures such as:

  • Increases in skills and knowledge
  • Evidence of understanding of the cyber landscape and correct vulnerability assessment
  • Proactive steps to better protect the business and reduce vulnerabilities
  • Speed and effectiveness in tackling identified weaknesses

We’ve already explained how RankedRight takes the admin away so you’re able to spend more of your time on the key responsibilities of your role. This also means that you have time to work on the above measures, through training, research, teambuilding, and better communication and planning. With more time spent on remediation, you’ll also become better at resolving issues through practice.

We believe the biggest barrier in effective performance management in cybersecurity is a lack of time so get RankedRight today and transform your personal development.

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