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How RankedRight can prevent burnout 

Cybersecurity pros are stretched so thinly trying to protect company assets that exhaustion is rife. Here's how RankedRight can prevent burnout.

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The cybersecurity industry is currently facing a crisis. With the number of data breaches and cases of malware on the rise, cybersecurity professionals are stretched too thinly trying to protect company assets.

According to CIISEC’s latest State of the Profession report, over half (51%) of cybersecurity professionals are being kept up at night by the stress of the job and work challenges. What’s more, stress and burnout have become a major issue during the COVID-19 pandemic with almost half (47%) of respondents now working 41+ hours a week, with some working up to 90.

We wrote a piece several months ago on how to spot the warning signs of burnout and what to do to help your team get back on track. One of the pieces of advice we gave was to automate where possible and we cited how RankedRight can be used to save a team hundreds of hours a month on vulnerability prioritisation. In this blog post, we’ll go into more detail on how this works and why we believe RankedRight can prevent burnout.  

RankedRight takes time-consuming manual triage off your plate

It’s rare that a business can tackle every vulnerability identified which is why prioritisation is so important. Unfortunately, this process is one of the most time-consuming elements of a cybersecurity professional’s role if done manually.  

There are two main reasons why a lot of businesses like to do it manually. One, they can’t afford a specialist tool, and two, they prefer to be in control of the triage as they know which vulnerabilities are most critical to their business.  With RankedRight, you get an affordable solution and you stay in control as the platform automates prioritisation based on rules you set.  

Here’s how easy it is to set rules on the RankedRight platform.

You only need to set prioritisation rules once and then RankedRight takes over the triage for every future vulnerability scan. This not only takes the boring admin off your plate but also gives you time back to do your day job. Goodbye 90 hour work week!

RankedRight ensures everyone has a shorter, personalised tasklist to work through

Having a big to do list can feel incredibly overwhelming and with scanners identifying hundreds, if not thousands, of new vulnerabilities each time, the task list will seem never ending.  

Another feature of RankedRight’s rules engine is the ability to assign prioritised remediation tasks to specific teams. This means that everyone is presented with a shorter tasklist of actions relevant to them, and they’re arranged in the order they should be completed.  

Here’s how assigning tasks within RankedRight works:

RankedRight provides you the peace of mind that you’re tackling the most critical threats first

That unsettling feeling that despite working an incredibly long day you’ve still not made significant progress on the vulnerability list is all too familiar, right? It can cause stress, worry and worse…. burnout.

Because RankedRight is an automated tool that ingests scanning data from multiple scanners, it doesn’t matter how many vulnerabilities you give it to work through – it’ll do it.  This means that you’re always working through a task list that is prioritised in order of what is most critical to your business.

No time for in-depth industry reading? We’ll cover it.

RankedRight has vulnerability intelligence built-in We’re far more than just a task management system. Another reason RankedRight can help prevent burnout of cybersecurity professionals is we also save them time on industry reading too. Our platform is enriched with the most up-to-date vulnerability intelligence to ensure that when you set your rules for prioritisation, you have the perfect blend of company insight and market intelligence to work with.

The data from one of our partners, vFeed, Inc. helps us to provide our customers with the datapoints they need to make the right decisions about prioritisation.  

RankedRight is not affected by labour shortages or absences

The skills shortage facing the cybersecurity industry is significant and without adequate investment and focus at school level, the gap won’t close any time soon.  RankedRight is technology-led so it works 24/7 to support you. No sickness, no annual leave, no sudden resignations.

Put vulnerability prioritisation in RankedRight’s hands and give your team the time back that they so deeply need.  

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