September 1, 2021
June 1, 2022
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New partner program opens to provide new capability to supercharge efforts in most critical area - security

PRESS RELEASE - RankedRight, the platform supercharging the efficiency of IT security teams, has launched a new partner program for MSPs, MSSPs and VARs.

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PRESS RELEASE – RankedRight, the platform which is supercharging the efficiency of IT security teams across the world, has launched a new partner program for MSPs, MSSPs and VARs.

The new scheme, entitled the RankedRight Security Partner Program, shall support those looking to enhance their existing suite of vulnerability management solutions, while also broadening their expertise and generating a new recurring revenue stream.  

By signing up, partners will be able to provide vulnerability prioritisation as a service to clients, potentially saving thousands of work-hours every month. This is now a crucial source of optimisation for security teams, given that the number of disclosed vulnerabilities has increased 20% year on year on average over the last decade. This has made the process of manual triage much more time-consuming, in turn significantly reducing the time that can be spent on remediation itself.

RankedRight eliminates this inefficiency by automating the process, based on an IT security team’s pre-set rules and the most up-to-date vulnerability intelligence.

The launch of RankedRight’s partner program has been hotly anticipated thanks to the wide-ranging opportunities for business growth it can offer. These include:  

  • Personalised vulnerability ranking – By utilising their knowledge of their customers, partners can train the RankedRight rules engine to prioritise findings that they know are going to be important for them.  
  • End to end management of a program – For partners to integrate all the vulnerability identification methods their customers have into RankedRight to provide them with a uniformed view of their entire risk within one platform.  
  • High-level vulnerability management consultancy – By adding RankedRight into an exisiting vulnerability management program, partners can determine with greater certainty and coordination how each issue should be dealt with, track progress and provide high-level consultancy for further improvements.

Thomas MacKenzie, RankedRight’s CEO, said, “Our platform has been built as a simple-to-use solution to one of the most widespread cyber security challenges affecting businesses today. By giving partners access to this as a service, they can demonstrate they are putting their customers’ risk appetite first, by providing them with a way to prioritise, delegate and manage the remediation activities that come from vulnerability scans.”

One partner, Lightstream Managed Services, has chosen RankedRight as its preferred platform to deliver its innovative Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) service offering. Rafal Los, VP and Chief Security Strategist at Lightstream Managed Services, commented, “RankedRight is aligned with our vision to deliver an effective vulnerability management lifecycle while lowering cost and complexity. The reason vulnerability management is so poorly implemented globally is because it’s too complicated. We’re trying to “de-complificate” security. RankedRight helps us to do this.”

For more information on RankedRight and to register your interest in the partner program, visit https://www.rankedright.com/become-a-partner/ .


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Hannah Brice at Upmarketry

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Notes to Editors:

About : RankedRight

RankedRight is the triage tool that automatically ranks vulnerabilities based on the rules set by its user, factoring in what is critical to the business, and delegating it to the most appropriate person to resolve. This means teams spend less time on vulnerability administration and more time on keeping their companies safe.

With a recent study finding that 53% of companies spend more time navigating manual processes than actually responding to vulnerabilities, it’s vital that the triage process is addressed. Now there’s a new approach that transforms the way vulnerabilities are managed and makes life better for security teams, their managers and their CISOs.

For more information, visit https://www.rankedright.com.

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