April 15, 2021
May 30, 2022
Vulnerability Prioritisation

Our Promise of Less Admin and More Action on your Vulnerability Management

We want to transform the way vulnerabilities are managed, promising less admin and more action on your vulnerability management.

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This news and insight area is designed to help you to better understand the correct way to prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities.

But, it seemed only right that our first blog post should explain why we created RankedRight as well as why we believe we can help your business.

The problem you face

The vulnerability management industry is a highly sophisticated market. It’s full of expertise and support to help businesses stay protected from attack. Unfortunately, most of it comes at a high price. One which many small or medium-sized enterprises cannot afford.

Left to do what they can themselves, and with little chance of patching every vulnerability that is identified, these businesses need to know how to prioritise them so they can tackle the risks that are most critical to them.

We launched RankedRight because we saw too many companies using their own legacy approaches to vulnerability triage. Approaches which are time- and labour-intensive, as well as risky, potentially increasing exposure rather than diminishing it. Perhaps your team is one of these. We understand the frustration you must be feeling.

We compare vulnerability triage to the admin responsibilities of other important roles such as GPs, police officers and management executives. All vital professions bogged down with paperwork which takes their time and attention away from their core responsibilities.

Our promise of Less Admin; More Action on your vulnerability management

We want to transform the way vulnerabilities are managed and make life better for you, whether you’re a security expert, a team manager or a CISO.

We recognise the power and abilities of the people we serve and just how important what they do is. This is why RankedRight takes the admin away – automating the vulnerability triage process based on the user’s rules so they can get on with their critical work of addressing the IT threats to the business.

How do we fulfil our promise of Less Admin; More Action?

Firstly, there’s our platform.  As mentioned, we automate the vulnerability triage process based on the rules our users set. They only need to set prioritisation rules once* and then we’ll take over the triage for every future vulnerability scan. This means they’re freed up to remediate more issues and in turn, gain greater control over their own vulnerability management.

*That’s not to say they can’t make further changes or add in new rules whenever necessary. The flexibility is there.

To learn more about our platform and see how we can help you reduce your admin, book a demo.

But it’s not just our platform. Our values are also all about ensuring we’re laser focussed on helping supercharge IT security teams’ speed and effectiveness. They are:

  • Efficiency
  • Clarity and Transparency
  • Our Users’ Risk Appetite comes first
  • Smart, Attention to detail.

This means that if you join RankedRight, everything from our communication and onboarding process to using the platform itself is designed to be speedy and effective. That way, you can put your precious time to best use.

Our mission is to help every organisation gain greater control over their own vulnerability management. Why not try us and see how we can help you?

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The RankedRight Platform

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