December 6, 2021
June 1, 2022
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RankedRight joins the NCSC for Startups initiative

RankedRight has been chosen to help the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) solve some of the UK’s most important cyber challenges.

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We set out with a mission to help businesses all over the world to take control of their own vulnerability management. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our efforts have been recognised at a UK Government level as RankedRight has been chosen to help the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) solve some of the UK’s most important cyber challenges.

RankedRight has joined the NCSC for Startups initiative, the successor to the NCSC Cyber Accelerator, a programme that helped more than 40 tech companies raise over £100m in external investment.  So far, five other companies have completed the programme.

Taking part in the second wave of the initiative, we will be working alongside other cybersecurity specialists to develop and adapt our technology to address security challenges identified by the NCSC. We’ll also benefit from mentoring, workshops and direct support to help us achieve a closer product-market fit for you, our customers.

Joining us on the programme are:

  • Lupovis: an AI-based deception solution for manipulating adversaries that have penetrated your network. It engages adversaries through a sequence of decoys and lures them through the network.
  • ESPROFILER: A platform to help organisations maximise return on their cyber security investments, increasing efficiency and security. It helps customers understand what security products they own, what they have deployed, and the threats those products should protect against.  
  • Traced: Traced believes that privacy is a human right. And it’s created a mobile threat defence solution that provides protection against mobile-borne threats to businesses, without compromising people’s privacy.

We’re delighted to be working with them so please do take a look at their websites to learn more about them.

We’re currently on week two of the programme and have already gained a great deal of insight and support, which we will be using to help develop our vulnerability intelligence knowledge and uncover trends and intelligence from the NCSC.  Our CEO, Thomas MacKenzie, said, “Week one of the programme was a great success, we met a lot of different people who are on the same journey as us and we were encouraged by the immediate comradery. We are positive that the programme will help us improve what we are building for our customers and look forward to share more with you over the coming weeks.”

We’ll continue to share learnings from our involvement in the programme here on this blog and you can sign up below to be alerted of our news.

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