January 12, 2022
June 1, 2022

How RankedRight can help you differentiate your MSSP business

To survive, or better, thrive, MSSPs have to uncover methods of differentiation that don't relate to price. And RankedRight can help.

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With the start of another year there come new goals and priorities. And for your company, we’re willing to bet that two of them are to attract more new business and increase revenue from existing clients. We know how competitive the market currently is for MSSPs – the most popular way to differentiate seems to be to lower prices.

But high quality cannot be maintained if prices are dropped. Profits diminish, corners are cut, staff are let go. To survive, or better, thrive, you have to uncover other methods of differentiation. Fortunately RankedRight can be your solution.

We’ve offered advice in the past about how to stand out from the pack and give your clients more but let’s now drill down into the reasons why integrating RankedRight into your vulnerability management offering can be so impactful.

First of all, let’s look at what the RankedRight Security Partner program offers to MSSPs.

RankedRight eliminates the hours service providers spend on administration every day by automating the time-consuming yet crucial process of vulnerability prioritisation. By following rules set by the user, and enriching their clients’ scan data with the most up-to-date vulnerability intelligence, vulnerabilities are prioritised in order of criticality and delegated to the most appropriate team to resolve. This means a more profitable way of working for our MSSP customers and a more efficient and effective vulnerability management program for their clients.


RankedRight saves your team time to reinvest in training, service development and value add activities

Automation saves time but how much work is actually being saved by handing over vulnerability prioritisation responsibilities? Well, last year there were 55 vulnerabilities disclosed every day. Our research showed that for a business affected by just a fraction of those, the results of each new scan would take up to four days to prioritise.

As an MSSP with multiple clients, that’s a colossal drain on your resources. You’re wasting time every cycle of vulnerability scanning with some form of excel-driven vulnerability sieving that’s not particularly well defined, nor a very robust or repeatable process. After all, if the person who does that work leaves, the next person then reinvents the wheel.

RankedRight automates this grunt work so that your highly skilled team can provide a better service to clients by getting to the all important remediation work more quickly. Not only that, but they’ll also have time left over to dedicate to new business, skills development and more.


RankedRight helps you to make transparency and impact your differentiators

There are other vulnerability prioritisation platforms on the market but many of them use secret algorithms. This means that you’re locked out of the decision-making process behind prioritisation and, as a consequence, you cannot be sure that vulnerabilities are being organised in the best way for your clients. In fact, your platform could be using the same rules for every one of their thousand customers. If you know your clients well, you’ll know how different they all are.

Transparency is crucial for effective vulnerability prioritisation which is why there are no secret algorithms with RankedRight. Armed with our rule book as a template and our industry-leading vulnerability intelligence as support, you take full control over setting the prioritisation rules, thereby ensuring they suit your clients’ business systems, policies, behaviours and needs.

We know how important the metrics and KPIs around vulnerability management programs are. By having full control over the decision making process and being able to tackle critical vulnerabilities more quickly, you’re able to give your clients an impressive report on your impact and enhancements over time. You’ll have end to end management of their program, providing them with a uniformed view of their entire risk within one platform.

Give them the peace of mind that you are in control and they’ll have no reason to look elsewhere, even if other providers are cheaper.

RankedRight can help you differentiate your MSSP business by streamlining the repetitive tasks which consume your team, giving them time back to put to better use across the business, and helping you show your clients just how much you are improving their security posture. Book a demo with RankedRight today.


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